Sofia Queer Forum existed in the period 2012-2021, in Sofia, Bulgaria. Directors of the forum were Boryana Rossa and Stanimir Panayotov.

Sofia Queer Forum is an event that investigates, with the means of contemporary arts, gender and sexuality as parallel systems through which we value ourselves and the others around us. These systems have a strong influence on all aspects of culture and society. The influence is, of course, two-sided. This is why in focus here is also the changing of the concepts “gender” and “sexuality” depending on social, political, cultural and medical factors that are inherent in a given time and space.
During the last century, the issue of gender equality finds various representations in the history of Bulgarian arts and culture.This issue is always treated in relation with concept such as parenthood, sexuality, ethnic, national and class background, professional realization and education, access to basic human rights, among which are the right to labour, the freedom of speech and expression, etc. In the context of this forum, these interrelations acquire a contemporary dimension in keeping with the problems of today’s society.

The forum puts all of these together in an international context with a special attention given on post-socialist societies. Apart from the included Bulgarian participants, we invite artists from various countries. We feature art works from the areas of documentary and experimental cinema and video art, contemporary visual and performance arts, fashion, as well as artistic parties. The program also includes presentations and theoretical discussions that will touch upon subjects such as technologies and cyber feminism, as well as creating activist networks.

Sofia Queer Forum is not only a platform for the representation of art with specific issues, but it also has the aim to provide space for generating ideas and creative stimulus by meeting different generations and cultures.