Yasen Zgurovski

The project “Circus! My different family” (in the frames of SQF 2015) is jointly developed by the curator Vladiya Mihaylova and the anthropologist Stefan Krastev, in cooperation with various non-governmental organizations and associations. The project is supported by the National Culture Fund. (It will be exhibited at the fridge & Social Center Xaspel).
Its aim is to provide possibilities for public representation and visual participation of social groups whose access to the means of self-expression is normally not easy - diverse minorities, among them sexual, ethnic and other. 

Inspired by the space in the circus as a place that allows and experiences in a positive way all kinds of differences, oddities, diverse human capabilities, the platform “Circus! My different family” seeks to open such space for sharing and representing the possible differences which complement, alter or go beyond the normative notion of a family: what is it that distinguishes us from the others and we ourselves perceive as difference in respect of others, is an underlying question of the project. 

Within the project framework we invite a large number of people to participate with visual materials that include diverse media: drawing, painting, object, sculpture, video, sound. The project is not intended for professionals, it addresses the widest possible circle of people who would feel urged to express themselves. All received materials with no exception will be displayed in the form of an exhibition within Sofia Queer Forum 2015. The implementation of this project within the Forum will be accompanied by a series of discussions and debates. 

Anyone who is willing to express their different idea of a family and/or raise issues associated with family may participate by sending their proposal to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Circus? – Yes, precisely a circus, as that is the place where all kinds of oddities, distinctions, (super)natural human abilities and qualities are possible.