Premiere - film screening and discussion

No Country for Young Man is a new film by Oleg Mavromatti and PO98, made of found footage from the video blog of Sergei Stahov, who is a super star in thе Russian blog-sphere.

Astahov is a homosexual, whose parents are trying to “cure” and make him heterosexual, by finding him a girlfriend and involving him with groups for religious conversion. In his youtube videos Astahov follows this process, shooting not only himself, but also the places he goes to, his parents and friends.

During this process from an openly gay person Astahov converts to heterosexual Orthodox Christian, anti-gay pro-Putin activist. These two different identities do not cross or evolve from each other. For instance when Astahov's girlfriend, with whom he was forced to be, abandonds him, he has an anxiety attack, his old identity returns back and Astahov himself disappears from his blog for about three months. Recently he appeared again, now in his patriotic incarnation, commenting on the events in Crimea as well as the emerging culture of “the mall” in Russia – his favorite shopping mall is “The Golden Babylon,” and his favorite store in there is the Orthodox Christian Pavilion, where he “regularly buys gold and silver.”

Through this story one can see how Astahov's personal life is directly affected by the changes in the political climate in Russia. His videos capture the essence of contemporary Russian politics – social and religious, local and global, expressed by his verbal declarations, affections and actions. In a word – Astahov is the litmus paper of contemporary Russian society.

The screening will be followed by discussion with Oleg Mavromatti.

WHEN: 26.06. 19:00
WHERE: Red House Center for Culture and Debate