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Prodigal Sons is the moving story of Kimberly Reed and her coming home in searching answers about her family history and her closest ones.

Kimberly’s incredible story begins already in the 1960s, when after numerous attempts to have a child the parents decide to adopt one, the little boy Mark. It then turns out that Carrol, the mother, has gotten pregnant with Paul – exactly the day when Mark has arrived in his new home. Soon the family will have one more child – Todd. Prodigal Sons is, however, not a typical story of three brothers.

Paul is among the most popular boys in school. The questions he asks himself from early on would find their answer when he figures out he is transgendered. Years later Paul is now Kimberly, living in New York and working as a director. On the occassion of his senior high graduation she decides to come back home and make a documentary about her family. She rediscovers her borthers – Todd, who turns out to be homosexual, and Mark, who cannot perceive her as a woman. The story becomes all the more incredible when it turns out that the adopted Matk is actually the unrecognized grandson of a major American cinema legend...

Prodigal Sons has been awarded at the Nashville and Florida film festivals, the Thessaloniki documentary film festival and the LGBT cinema festivals in Coppenhagen and HewFest in New York.

WHEN: 19.06 19:00
WHERE: the fridge & Social Center Haspel

The event is made possible with the support of Spectra Foundation.