SQF 2014 official party
(Artwork by Yasen Zgurovski)

Visual music by Dreamachine & dj sets by Vice de Vice, Juliette Intergalactica and Emil Doesn't Drive.
The official Sofia Queer Forum 2014 party will feature a visual music by Dreamachine and dj sets by Vice de Vice, Juliette Intergalactica and Emil Doesn't Drive.
Dreamachine is project by Voin de Voin and Joseph Marzolla. 2 visual artist exploring the connections of sound  and image,or as they call it visual music,posing the question what came first the image or the sound. For the evening at SOFIA QUEER FORUM they collaborate with the photographer Lubri,taking his images to become the score and the lyrics for the show-FEAR NO MORE.In this mode ,we explore the connection and how  language appears and comes to life.This is also an experiment of creating narratives through associative subconscious reactions of the brain and the vocal apparatus when exposed to react to an image. 
Joseph Marzolla is also part of  http://www.zazazozo.com.
Voin de Voin is a Bulgarian artist based in Brussels. He studied Art and Dance in Amsterdam, London and Paris. His work is a combination between performance, installation and social experiments. His aim is to create new connections between the personal and the collective; to establish new systems of thinking and offer unique experience to his audiences by creating environments where the borders between performer and public are merged, by creating his own platforms and curation, under the umbrella of which events dealing with the political, sexual and experimental art intersect. Besides the dj set and the music performance, during SQF 2014 Voin will be showing his installation femmely in Vaska Emanouilova Gallery. 
Emil Doesn’t Drive was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, then moved to Berlin in 2004. Soon he started buying disco, italo, spacedisco, wave and new beat records and taught himself how to mix different sounds and styles. 
With the special appearance of Juliette Intergalactica
WHEN: 31.05. 22:00 – open end
WHERE: Julles Vernes Club