Mariela Gemisheva (Bulgaria) – performance
November 23, Friday, 8 PM
House OGOSTA, 5 Ogosta Str.

Mariela Gemisheva presents a new version of her performance "Fish party," which this time is a part of the program of Sofia Queer Forum 2012. The festival explores the idea of ??gender through the means of contemporary art as non-binary, flexible term, dependent on social, political, cultural and medical factors.

The original Fish party had been presented at ATA Center for Contemporary Art, Sofia in 2004. The main role was taken by three top models in “sterile white” clothes. "Fish party 2013 represents femininity in its own fragrance, in the smell of fish" - says Gemisheva - "the femininity presented not only by the body alone… the atmosphere, the symbolism, the tradition are important… a pattern of femininity is made not only through the use of the "literal" color, form and light; in this case priority has been given to smell and taste. Nine years later, the performance will be executed by three men in styling specially designed for the occasion."