November 23 - December 16, 2012
Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 4pm
Opening: November 23, Friday, 4 PM

Sofia Arsenal Museum of Contemporary Arts SAMCA
2 Cherni Vrah Blvd.

Alla Georgieva (Bulgaria), Adelina Popnedeleva (Bulgaria), Boryana Petrova (Bulgaria), Voin de Voin (Bulgaria/Germany), Natalia Todorova (Bulgaria), Oleg Mavromatti (Bulgaria/USA), Stefan Karchev (Bulgaria), ULTRAFUTURO (Bulgaria/USA), Yasen Zgurovski (Bulgaria).

This show presents a wide spectrum of authors and genres dealing with subjects of gender and sexuality. It tracks down different aspects of creating the myth of binary gender and its singularity, as well as social and economic tensions created on the basis of contradictions and inequality of gender. Some of the works merely claim the existence of difference. With her characteristic sense of humor and focus on everyday life relations through everyday life objects, Alla Georgieva creates an “alternative” idyll on an embroidered handkerchief. Through an unexpected and quite funny interview conducted at the mud baths in Varna, Adelina Popnedeleva investigates mid-life women’s issues in Bulgaria. With her canvases Boryana Petrova treats the attitude towards the personality as a function of how we understand the body as a “piece of meat” that participates in social and economic relations which deface. Natalia Todorova involves the spectators in an interactive installation which poses the question: to what extent do we respect difference in our society? Oleg Mavromatti is presented with his absurdist-social paintings from the “Bombs” series, and the group ULTRAFUTURO is included with documentation of objects and performances shown at different locations around the world, which are devoted to social and medical standards defining gender and its “proper” roles. Stefan Karchev shows his jocular photos and poster that deal with questions of identity formation and play with corporate “identity” and its hyper-commercial subversion. Yasen Zgurovski’s posters this time avoid the “sweet” subjects we are used to recognize in his work. They are being aided by “the bitter spices” of reality which abounds of confrontations between people with different identity and neo-nazis, as well as social attitudes securing a comforting place of these confrontations.