November 21 – December 5, 2012
Monday - Friday: 3pm - 7pm 

Opening: November 21, Wednesday, 6.30 PM

The Red House Center for Culture and Debate
15 Luben Karavelov Str
Gulliver Hall and Untitled Hall

Katarzyna Kozyra (Poland); Chto Delat? (Russia) and Vladan Jeremic (Serbia)
"O2" exhibition is part of the Sofia Queer Forum 2012 in the context of the "New Left Perspectives". By means of modern art the forum exposes the idea of ??gender as unstable, flexible term, dependent on social, political, cultural and medical factors.
"Partisan Songspiel. Belgrade Story "2009 shown along with "Partisan Monuments "2011, is a work of the art collective "Chto delat?" (Russia) in collaboration with Vladan Jeremic (Serbia).
This work presents a historical reading of the social and political causes of contemporary segregation of Serbian society, on the basis of gender, ethnicity and class.
Performance "Il Castrato" 2006 by Polish artist Katarzyna Kozyra is seemingly absurdist rococo opera. Kozyra, who is the main character in this spectacle, goes through castration and change of her physical look, posing the question whether the widely accepted as definitive connection between physical sex and gender,  isn't in fact an artificial cultural construct.