Sept 30, 2021
Official opening of SQF2021: Queer Roma: We've Got the Power and a guided tour by Martina Stefanova
Sofia Arsenal - Museum of Contemporary Art, Doza Gallery, 18h, 20h


Oct 1, 2021
Discussion with Robert Gabris, Donka Kyoseva and Lexi Fleurs
Sofia Arsenal - Museum of Contemporary Art, 17h


Oct 20, 2021

Screening and Discussion with Alina Serban

Exposition at Aether with:
- "We've Got the Power| Manifesto by Selma Salman and Peter Lee

- Peter Lee, Edgar Endress, Donka Kyoseva and with illustrations by Teodor Mitev, “The Impossible Embassy"

Aether Art Space, 19h


Oct 23, 2021

Performance by Gibo Baby and Voin de Voin: “Hot Power”
Doza Gallery, 19h


Oct 30, 2021

Performance by Donka Kyoseva: “A Fiery Study for the Love between Two Women”

Poetry and performance bay Donka Kyoseva and Iva Kazeva
Doza Gallery, 19h


Nov 5, 2021

Discussion: "Roma Artists' Platforms of Expression"

With the artists: Robert Gabris, Donka Kyoseva, Selma Salman and Peter Lee

Moderator: Boryana Rossa

Interpreter: Milena Stateva
online/Zoom, 18h