We can now offer for free download the catalogue we created after Sofia Queer Forum 2015 took place.
“Sweet Union" is the motto of the third edition of Sofia Queer Forum. As it strives to use the word "queer" rather as a verb, as an action in a particular situation, and much less as a noun and a definition, this year’s Forum offers a wide platform for sharing different problems and perspectives focused on the family.

Some of them deliberately seek to pass beyond the circle of issues which in the public mind are most often associated with LGBT themes. In this sense, the formulation of the topic is far less associated with the field of activism or with specific political goals, issues of equality, rights, legislative initiatives, and is much more attempting to make its way beyond the cultural momentum by seeking some subtle links, crossing points, and shared problems. That is precisely why queer and LGBT issues are placed in the context of feminist and various marginal perspectives, not least in relation to the changing roles within the heterosexual matrix. The crossing of these borders represents a crossing of different languages, which define the generation of knowledge and the means of presentation in the public space. This in turn opens ground for building up and imagining different possible structures of togetherness, of "we"; in the very sharedness of these “we”-s specific private forms of self-determination and relations between "I" and "you" can be found.
Sofia Queer Forum 2015 was an event that investigated, with the means of contemporary arts, gender and sexuality as parallel systems through which we value ourselves and the others around us. These systems have a strong influence on all aspects of culture and society. The influence is, of course, two-sided. This is why in focus here is also the changing of the concepts “gender” and “sexuality” depending on social, political, cultural and medical factors that are inherent in a given time and space.
Sofia Queer Forum 2015 took place in the period 3-19 December 2015 on various locations in Sofia and was curated by Vladiya Mihaylova, who is also the editor of the catalogue. More info here.
Download the file:
- pdf version, online edition, 142 pages (download here)
We are planning the production of the catalogue’s print edition in the following months.  
The edition is bilingual (Bulgarian and English) and besides the documentation of the forum includes texts by Svetla Encheva, Stefan Krastev, Boyan Manchev, Vladiya Mihaylova, Syrago Tsiara, Boryana Rossa, Oleg Mavromatti, as well as interviews with Carlos Motta and Karol Radziszewski.
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