(Radostin Sedevchev, 85, 2015)

December 3 – December 19 2015

02.12, 7 pm the fridge & Social Centre Xaspel 
Meeting – discussion with the artist Karol Radziszewski, and presentation of his project DIK Fagazine. DIK Fagazine is the first and, so far, the only art magazine from Central and Eastern Europe concentrated on homosexuality and masculinity.www.dikfagazine.com

03.12. – 19.12.2015 Academy Gallery, NAA
“They will remember us in the future”. An exhibition with works by: Iskra Blagoeva, Alexander Gerginov, Nilbar G?re?, Daniela Kostova, Viktoria Lomasco, Carlos Motta, Karol Radziszewski, Joanna Rajkowska, Jaanus Samma, Radostin Sedevchev, Yasen Zgurovski; Queer box (curated by Venelin Shurelov, works by: Angel Chobanov and Martin Penev)
The exhibition shows the various types of relations between "I" and “You”. It represents a number of possible ways for people to be together, various "we”-s that create different notions of intimacy and family.

03.12. – 19.12.2015 the fridge & Social Centre Xaspel
“Circus! My different family”. The project is an open platform for participation and debates that addresses marginalized groups, people with limited access to cultural life and those who feel themselves different and unrepresented in public space.

05.12, 10 pm the fridge & Social Centre Xaspel
(LGBTI Community Fest & Sofia Queer Forum)
08.12, 7 pm the fridge & Social Centre Xaspel
“The various forms of the family today”, a debate in the frames of “Circus! My different family”. Participants: Elena Stoykova (sociologist), Monica Pisankaneva (Bilitis Foundation), Victor Lilov (DEOS), and others.

09.12, 7 pm Red House Centre for Culture and Debate 
Presentation of his project “Gender Talents”, 2015 web-platform that engages with activist movements for gender self-determination within trans- and intersex communities. The artist will speak about other works of his that concern the subjects of democracy, human rights and cultural differences. http://gendertalents.info/ 
11.12, 6 pm Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, branch of Sofia City Art Gallery
Opening of the exhibition “Life – these are two women”. The exhibition will be on display until February 2016, after the closing of Sofia Queer Forum. It is dedicated to the image of the mother, which is one of the most repetitive and conservative images in Bulgarian visual arts tradition. Even though much of the works of the sculptress Vaska Emanouilova represent the female figure, the mother as a character and theme is almost completely absent in her work.
12.12, 3 pm Sofia City Art Gallery 
“Creating and undermining stereotypes. The image of the mother in Greek art, and the subversive voices of new Greek cinema”; a lecture by Syrago Tsiara, Director of the Thessaloniki Centre for Contemporary Art.

14.12, 7 pm Red House Centre for Culture and Debate 

15.12, 7:30 pm French Institute in Bulgaria 
“A Play for You”, with the participation of Leonid Yovchev, text, directing and costumes: Ani Vaseva. The performance is organized by METHEOR.

16.12, 7 pm the fridge & Social Centre Xaspel
“How to queer the political subject?”, a debate in the frames of “Circus! My different family”. Participants: Lea Vaysova (initiator of public mobilization(s), Lora Novachkova (Collective XXX), Stanimir Panayotov (co-founder of Sofia Queer Forum), Radoslav Stoyanov (BHC), Jana Tsoneva (New Left Perspectives), and others.

17.12., 7:30 pm National Palace of Culture / DNC
„I Cure” – A performance by Ivo Dimchev

18.12, 7 pm the fridge & Social Centre Xaspel
“Ordinary” discrimination”, a debate in the frames of “Circus! My different family”. Participants: Pol Naidenov (Bilitis Foundation), Denitsa Lyubenova (Action LGBT Youth Organization), Nadejda Dermendjieva (Bulgarian Fund for Women), Alexander J., and others.

19.12, 11 pm the fridge & Social Centre Xaspel